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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ssshhhh, listen

This is my bud Rich. We are fishing on the Big Thompson River. In my opinion, nothing beats standing knee deep in a river while trying to tempt that allusive wild trout out from its hole and take that fly that has been placed so delicately on the surface. Is seems like every time that the two of us head out to the waters of Colorado, only one comes away with a victory. Thats not why we fish, yea, we want to land that big one, but more importantly, we fellowship with one another and commune with nature. Stop and listen to the stream, the wind, what can be said and heard can be more memorable and more cherished that any quote taken from the words of fathers before us.
We stand there in silence, speaking only when we need to, and the bond is closer. Why waist time with words, better communication comes from never saying a word. We as civilized people spend too much time talking, making noise, when all we need to really do is listen.

This is me, not a care in the world. Funny how returning to the very place that man was created can restore to that man what has been lost. God created Adam in the wild, the wilderness. A place where adventure lies around every corner. A place that is not safe, or predictable. This is where the worries of the world melt away with the winter freeze. God has shown him self to me more in the wild than any other place. Why, not because this is the only place where God resides, but because this is where we are free from the distractions of this world. Where did God give Moses the commandments, where did God the Father revile his plan to his son Jesus, where did our Lord and Savior go to over come the temptations of the evil one, where did David become a man. When we stop and listen, listen to the wind rushing through the valley, or the sounds of a raging river through a narrow canyon , we are listening to the very voice that said let there be light, let there be land and water. Take time to stop and listen to the voice of the trees, the river, wind, you are listening to the voice of God.
thats my two cents

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


It was not to long ago that my wife and I found out that we are going to be bringing a new life into this very confusing and lost world. The news was welcomed with with disbelief and awe. We are thrilled and excited to be blessed with the responsibility to raise a child with the guidance of our Lord.
I was feeling absent from this life change mainly because nothing is happening in me. The biggest change that I have noticed is that I find my self buying dippers every time that I am at the store. Just the other day I had to rush my wife to the doctor with the fear of complications and while we were there we had a ultrasound done to check on the baby. WOW, this was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen. The baby is 13 weeks and is just under 10cm in length and this is a life. Yes a LIFE. The baby was moving, and waving, rolling, and living. The heart was beating 157 beats per minute. This child is alive, and I am a father.
Say what you will about a fetus, embryo, zygote, but this is a child, and living child. I will never understand how it is that individuals consider this to be nothing more than a thing. A thing, CHILD!!!! This is no thing living off the very life that you live, ingesting all that you ingest. Justifying having an abortion with the argument that this 'thing' is non living with no feeling. The picture that I saw coming form my wife's uterus is the first picture from a living child of God, child of mine. Save the science fiction for the movies, this is a living, loving, child.

thats my two cents

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Class Separation

What ever happened to the days that the color of a mans' skin or the language ethnic groups use to communicate had nothing to do with the way society views a man/woman. Well, I guess those days have never really existed in this self proclaimed 'greatest nation on earth'. Apparently instead of moving forward we have come to a halt. This nation is like a pond water fed only by the rain. We have this overwhelming stench of disgust and hatred. I know, the "white only" and "no colored people allowed" sighs have been removed, and it is illegal to refuse service on the basis of race, gender, creed, and so on. Has that really stopped. Has the margin between the classes that differ from the status quo become narrow, or wider than every before. Is the fight for immigration really about the failure to pay taxes, and how all these illegals are clogging up the legal system and backing up the medical facilities. Is this really because we Americans are upset that "they" are picking the onions that go on our $6 salads, or laying the grass on our new yard on Sunday, and herding the cattle through the many slaughter houses in order to provide us with diner every night. Maybe this fear, yup fear is due to the fact that these images of immigration resemble the future of the majority. Why are we so upset that immigrants are doing the very thing that our own did hundreds of years ago. What makes us better?

I was eating lunch with my sister today in a predominately white college town. As I sat there eating my wings I noticed that at every full table on the place was occupied by individuals that come from a Latino decent. In a town like this a scene like that is rare. A family from a European decent (dad, mom three boys) entered. After they placed their order they scoured for a place to sit. Every table that was clear was adjacent to a table occupied with "them". One table was clear that was equal distance from the what appeared to the "unclean". The table was full of trash and left over food. The man of the house insisted that the staff, which also came from this same region as all the patrons, clean the one dirty table so he could sit his family in the bubble he has created. What was that all about. These individuals are the same people that built his house, and stock the food in the market he shops. When put on the same level in an unbiased environment he feels the need to separate even further.

This country is a becoming a place that is a black eye on humanity and equality. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, only for the direct decedents of those who wrote it.

And thats My two cents