Tuesday, June 5, 2007


It was not to long ago that my wife and I found out that we are going to be bringing a new life into this very confusing and lost world. The news was welcomed with with disbelief and awe. We are thrilled and excited to be blessed with the responsibility to raise a child with the guidance of our Lord.
I was feeling absent from this life change mainly because nothing is happening in me. The biggest change that I have noticed is that I find my self buying dippers every time that I am at the store. Just the other day I had to rush my wife to the doctor with the fear of complications and while we were there we had a ultrasound done to check on the baby. WOW, this was the most amazing thing that I have ever seen. The baby is 13 weeks and is just under 10cm in length and this is a life. Yes a LIFE. The baby was moving, and waving, rolling, and living. The heart was beating 157 beats per minute. This child is alive, and I am a father.
Say what you will about a fetus, embryo, zygote, but this is a child, and living child. I will never understand how it is that individuals consider this to be nothing more than a thing. A thing, CHILD!!!! This is no thing living off the very life that you live, ingesting all that you ingest. Justifying having an abortion with the argument that this 'thing' is non living with no feeling. The picture that I saw coming form my wife's uterus is the first picture from a living child of God, child of mine. Save the science fiction for the movies, this is a living, loving, child.

thats my two cents

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